Spin Me Some Breakfast: What’s Cooking in Candlelight

This updated corner Ranch with the DJ-booth-style kitchen in the center sits just outside the designated 100-year floodplain in Candlelight Estates. It showed up in MLS just yesterday, sporting a $349K sticker price. Includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a 9,400-sq.-ft. lot, a pool, and these HDR pix:


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  • Serious question:

    In the 5th photo, where we see the backs of the recliner and sofa, where are the plugs for the lamps?

    There is ‘something’ just beyond that open top basket, is that a floor plug?

  • Looks like one to me. My guess is that’s where an old wall was, and when they took it out, they recessed the plug into the ground?

  • PYEWACKET2, that looks like a round brass plate for a floor plug next to the basket.

  • Lots of houses that age have floor plugs, especially when the room is of any size.

  • I thought everyone knew you put a table or a chair or a sofa over the floor plug to hide it. Oh, well.

    As for what appears to be the master bath I suspect originally it was a half bath and the addition of the glass shower is nice but sort of “crowded” the toilet. You apparently have to be thin and small to own this house just to get to the toilet.

    And I love dining rooms where you have to pull the table out in order to use it.

    Why are we discussing this house?

  • This has to be the same photographer who shot my current house when it was on the market. Sometimes I go onto HAR and look at how “nice” my house is. If only it appeared now as fuzzy and softly lit as photographed…

  • I don’t think these are HDR photos.
    They are well-exposed shots with rich colors and good lighting, but that’s not the same as HDR.