Splashing Down Behind the Wall of a Split-Lot Property in Westhaven Estates



The frontrunner on a split lot with a shared driveway, this 2002 contemporary in the Westhaven Estates area captures space for a splash zone courtyard. Sculpted landscaping and decorative panels soften the curbside appearance of the sturdy wall erected near the sidewalk on Inwood Dr., south of San Felipe Rd. between Nantucket and Potomac drives. The front property’s relisting by a new agent this week set a $1.139 million asking price. Back in February, a previous market appearance had begun with a $1.195 million price tag. A reduction in April, to $1.145 million, briefly snagged a contract in June before the property took off for the summer.



Tile floors — their cool finish demonstrated by a pet during the photo shoot — flow between rooms left mostly open to each other on the first floor. Door pairs facing north to the poolside patio extend their glass panels to ceiling height . . .


while the wall-sized picture window in the dining room starts at the floor for a straight-on peek at the water’s edge:



One of the den windows faces the back-of-lot home’s entryway. Two 2-bay garages buddy up between the neighbors:


The listing indicates the 3,711-sq.-ft. floor plan (HCAD calls it 3,600 sq. ft.) includes an “extra room.” Is this it? The windows suggest it’s located on the top level . . .


with access to a planter-lined deck. A section wraps around the front of the home, where another fringe of planters awaits:


All 3 bedrooms are upstairs. Here’s the master suite:


Another 3 full bathrooms and a half-bath finish out the home’s waterworks:


The lot’s so-called “B” Unit (in back) sold in December 2013 for $975K. Around the corner from these homes, a trio of 2003-built townhomes fronting Nantucket Dr. exhibits similar design and build-out.

Front and Center

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  • Inwood Dr is North of San Felipe and it runs parallel. This house is a sleek contemporary with some nice interior design, I doubt they will have trouble getting close to their asking price.

  • I saw this house on Facebook through a cool site called LisitingDoor.
    I did a little digging on ListingDoor. Started in Houston by a guy who oversaw programming for 2 large companies in CA. Rumor has it they just got huge $$$ from a VC firm in CA and doing a major launch in 60 days.

  • @Shannon, check a map on this one. I have a cousin that lives just down the street from this place and that part of Inwood is south of San Felipe as Gus says.

  • I guess I’m thinking of River Oaks, but yeah Houston continues RO streets all thru Memorial, I wasn’t aware it ever dipped below San Felipe. but ok, I’ll take your word for it

  • Olympia Drive, in fits and starts, shows up all the way from Timber Lane in River Oaks to Dairy Ashford.

  • The kitchen and living rooms appear to be pretty small for a 3,700 sqft house. More like something you would find in a 2,000 sqft townhome.