‘Sports Bar With Class’ Replacing Sports Bar on Washington Ave

‘SPORTS BAR WITH CLASS’ REPLACING SPORTS BAR ON WASHINGTON AVE The prophecy foretold by that plagiarized message put up in July on Sawyer Park’s marquee has come to pass: A new “sports bar with class,” Social Junkie, will be opening here on Washington Ave on Sept. 13, reports Culturemap. Social Junkie’s owned by Saleem Fernandez, who also owns Roosevelt Bar and 5th Amendment in Midtown. Fernandez tells Culturemap that this bar, like his others, will have a pretty strict dress code — and lotsa sports: “‘Tuesdays we will have a live video broadcast with a Texans player . . . . We will also have a live radio broadcast here — an a.m. sports radio station.'” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Allyn West

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  • What’s the strict dress code? Affliction and backwards hats?

  • So, exactly like Sawyer Park? Someone must be handing out free money to dumb people.

  • “Sports bar with class”…isn’t that, like, an oxymoron? :-)

  • Strict dress code = bro’ed out guys and dumb girls.

    I’ll pass.

  • lol @ sports bar and dress code.

  • I’m excited about not going here!!

  • So… does the dress code ban sports team apparel? People don’t want to wear slacks and dress shirts to watch their teams play – “classy” people included.

  • I’m all for it if it keeps the douche-bro’s on douchington – lest they wander elsewhere and the cycle repeats.

  • Get your Ed Hardy/Obey tshirts ready, skinny jeans, and tom’s it’s time for more fun for 6 months probably less on Douchington avenue. Where’s the valet to park my beamer?

  • I haven’t seen an Ed Hardy shirt since 2008, so that stereotype is dead. However, I have never seen a legitimate sports bar have velvet rope at the entrance and a door guy.

  • Not thrilled…

  • Because nothing says classy like AM radio.

  • Then you have Griff’s, which has no dress code, not very much class, and an odd smell to boot, yet will be here another 25 years after this joint’s six months are up.

  • ‘With class’ means that if you look country, black or asian you arent getting in unless you have a 3-1 girl guy ratio.

  • I’ll sure it’ll be KLASSY with a capital K.

  • How much time do you think the “bro’ed out guys and dumb girls” spend thinking about the people commenting on this forum? The answer to that is zero. They spend zero time thinking, joking, commenting or caring about any of you because you don’t matter to them. I wish the reverse was true. I just don’t get the obsession. What I see is a comment section full of mean spirited, tired old jokes. The Washington crowd can be a little annoying at times (like any group) but some of these comments make me wonder who the real douchbags are.

  • You mad bro?

  • So it will be a club, that happens to be showing sports. Got it.

  • If you need a dress code, then you’re clearly not attracting the ‘class’ that you’re looking for.

  • We’re talking about a local business owner that has owned and operated some very nice, distinguished and successful clubs/bars in the Houston area that invested in a building on Washington that was probably going to rot and go to S**t and is taking a chance to turn the place around… Give the guy a chance for crying out loud. If you guys hate Washington Ave so much then why are you even wasting your time commenting. Seriously… Hate is only jealously leaving the body. Get a life. Kudos to ScottC

  • The racist accusations are already being raised and not just from patrons.