Spotlight on Kingwood; Faking an Inspection Report; Paint Job for Metro’s Light Rail Trains

Photo of North Blvd.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “The monthly cost of owning a median-priced home in these top elementary markets is on average only 23 percent of the median household income in the ZIP”
    lols, i’d be interested to know exactly how much of the median Houstonians income it’d take to afford a $323K home in Kingwood.

  • Before I even read the Chronicle article on that home builder I knew the superintendent would be the scapegoat.

  • Dude took it pretty far with the yard signs and red tape. Interesting to hear the other side of the story:

  • Toby, agreed. I’m not sure who should have done a better job of vetting who?

  • lol, I can’t believe the builder put up that site. And some of the things they say to ‘defend’ themselves, when you read between the lines of what they say, makes them look pretty bad.
    We’ve had 1000’s of tenants in our apartments, and from than, have about 15 or so bad reviews. I used to get upset by them as they contained false info (almost 100% of the time, the person leaving the review was evicted for non payment of rent or other issues). But now I just *shrug* and move on.
    This builder should do the same. Don’t shrug off the $160k owed but by battling in public, you can’t win.