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  • Holy Cow!!!! Money goes a long way wherever that is.

  • I grew up in that neighborhood (homes range from the mid 100’s up to that behemoth). That section is not even gated. I couldn’t imagine paying over 1mil to live there, but maybe someone can. The house needs a redo to bring it into the current decade and while the price per sqft is alright, I just can’t imagine theres a great many buyers in the 10000 sqft market that are looking for generic suburbia with less than a full acre. Its a per ego buy and the lot next to/behind it is an overgrown ranch house that needed to be torn down two decades ago when I lived there and will probably be a strip mall one day. Good luck to the sellers. They’re going to need it.

  • That house could be 2x the size for 1/2 the cost. Who’d want to live way out there? Yuck.

  • I don’t know the area, but the interior isn’t too far off… kitchen could be opened up. Lots of heavy curtains to take down and walls to paint, but beats the hell out of the faux mediterranean and travertine hell that typically abounds in the suburbs. Plop that land alone in the loop and you are looking at $2-3Mil+ I guess it’s all about perspective.