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  • Looks like they expanded the interior of the house into the garage; built a new wall, but left enough garage area to store a few outdoor items. But not enough room to park 2 cars. My in-laws did that and whoever buys the place will have to remove all those ‘lovely’ renovations.

  • So, if storing all your junk in your attic makes it a “Texas Basement”, would this be a “Texas Closet”?

  • My in-laws did that too, miss_msry. Going to be a big pain in the butt in 40 years or so.

  • @Old School:

    You do know this state. I can remember Missouri in the 60s when people would build the basement into a hill and live there until they could afford to build the rest of the split level above it.

  • In the POD that green thing looks like a lawnmower. After looking at the other pictures, I realize why it’s not.

  • I dunno. With all those hunting trophies on the wall, I was expecting a much better grill than that.

  • I’m guessing the kids are there every other weekend and the realtor suggested re-locating the dog.

  • What’s buried in the back yard?

  • Can someone explain to me where does the garage door roll up into when opened? That storage space isn’t deep enough to contain the whole garage door. Does the converted room have a drop ceiling to house the door? Or does it go up into the new family room? And how would you insulate around that?

  • Shadyh, when you look at the other listing photos there is one that shows the “trophy” room. This room has a two level ceiling, and you will notice a hogs head and a fish on the wall. The overhead door backs into the space that is above the lower ceiling section.

  • Thanks Bill for having a better eye for detail than me.

  • When I see a western hat hanging on a bed post, I always think of a John Wayne movie….