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  • Or side-by-side by side-by-side. They symmetry in that kitchen is going to make my head explode.

  • At first I was thinking a Jewish kitchen, but I see no other telltale signs of that. Maybe the homeowner(s) is(are) prodigious with regard to appetite.

  • @Mother Hydra – I wouldn’t have thought of that, but then I consider that my fridge actually has a “kosher” setting for the ice maker where it won’t make ice on the Sabbath.

    You can put a lot of beer in there! Imagine the party potential!

  • Reminds me of a verse from It’s Money That Matters by Randy Newman:
    “I got a great big house on the hill here,
    And a great big blonde wife inside it,
    A great big pool in my backyard,
    And another great big pool beside it.”

  • easily understood…one for chilled food and frozen veggies, the other for cold beer, vodka, and frozen wild game!

  • The decor is a bit stark, considering the owners have a craft room.

  • I agree about the decor being a little stark.
    And I also noticed the lack of window coverings for privacy, even in the bedrooms?

  • Perhaps two are needed, because the nearest grocery store is a Kroger at Rayford and Imperial Oaks, which is over 5 miles away.

  • what’s with the big letters A R T in the living room. doesn’t make it so