Sprouts and Others Sign Leases for Spots in the San Jacinto Stone Site Shopping Center

A trio of retailers have inked their deals to take up most of the space in that slow-to-develop shopping center along Yale St. on the 8-acre site sold and vacated earlier this year by San Jacinto Stone. The Houston Chronicle reports that LA Fitness, Guitar Center, and Sprouts Farmers Market have all signed leases here. This will be the first Sprouts location inside the Loop. There remains about 22,000 sq. ft. for lease in the proposed 150,000-sq.-ft. shopping center squeezed between the Washington Heights Walmart and the new I-10 feeder roads. Construction on the center could begin in the next few months.

Rendering: Ponderosa Land Development

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  • Guitar Center? Isn’t there one on Westheimer just OTL?
    Just want to recommend Fuller’s as a great shop.

  • My bestie will be jazzed at the prospect of a new LA Fitness close to his cute bungalow

  • That other Guitar Center is out beyond Voss/Hilcroft.

  • Let the whiny NIMBY’s (aka sore losers) begin their shrill fest. There is NOTJING they can do about MORE development in a wide open city like Houston. Personally , some of the old/previous/current/proposed development is hideous,but that is life in a city where those who control the City administrations rule. It IS a matter of money and connections. Always has ,always will be. Even in locales with zoning, the developer usually gets his/their way. If you don’t like do something about it.Instead of those stupid yard signs. Lobby the local/state government and get laws with STRONG enforcement mechanisms enacted.Yes it costs money,but some of you whiners have DEEP pockets and sit back and do nothing or very little!!!

  • Ok, how many more grocery stores are really needed in this area? Within 2 miles I can think of 3 Krogers, the Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods. Noticeably absent in this fight is HEB, who would like market dominance in Houston, but has not done anything in the NW quadrant of the loop.

  • The only relief from density eventually in Houston, other than a few public greenspaces, will be the spacious parking lots of these mini sprawl malls. Or maybe by the time that happens these will be demoed for stack-n-pack midrise malls.

  • Only a true Heights-onian could be outraged to see muti-family, retail, restaurants, and a fitness center replace the vast industrial wasteland that has always abutted their Utopian neighborhood.

  • This is great. I bike or drive to Whole Foods every week. I will be able to walk across the street to Sprouts. They will definitely compete for my money.

  • Are there really that many guitar players around to justify the existence of a store like Guitar Center?

  • Weren’t you alls whining about a lack of grocery stores in that neighborhood a couple years back?