Spying on the Homebuyers

SPYING ON THE HOMEBUYERS Ken Brand, a real estate agent in The Woodlands, has an idea: “Imagine the quality of feedback the listing agent and their seller would receive if showing appointments were monitored by video equipment? You could see and hear how prospective buyers react – live, unbiased and unspun. No more begging the listing agent for fuzzy feedback, no more spin, no conflicts of interest, no BS, simple straight facts. . . . I’m not suggesting that we should all run out and rig-up, secret or unsecret surveillance systems in our listings. I am saying that there are sellers today who are recording showings without our knowledge. I am asking us all to consider how we would show properties if we knew we were on Candid Camera. I am suggesting that recording property showings has pros and cons. I am suggesting that presented correctly, an agent or brokerage might create a point of difference and attract an unserved niche of sellers. I am suggesting that offering showing surveillance services is first mover advantage and something that most competitors would not choose to match or compete with.” [Agent Genius]

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  • Not to mention it would be illegal in Texas unless the buyers were notified that they were being recorded (I’m not a lawyer, so this is my opinion only).

  • I used the baby monitor to listen to the showings of my house. Just hung out at the neighbors. Not because I thought our realtor needed monitoring but because I was just so, so curious about what folks would say about my house. No real surprises. But I was amazed how many people brought small children to the showing–they spent a lot of time telling their kids to leave our coasters alone.

  • I’m glad I know about this as I will soon be looking at houses. I’ll keep my sarcastic mouth shut.

  • But I was amazed how many people brought small children to the showing
    That doesn’t seem too odd to me. Who’s supposed to watch the kids?

  • If I thought that the seller was listening in, I’d be inclined to make all sorts of bogus comments just to screw with them. Particularly in this economy.

  • People should leave their children at home. Buying a home is serious business. Who needs some anoying child distracting them?

  • Creepy. Buzzword points for using “first mover advantage” is a really silly way, though.

  • Diggity – who is suppose to watch the kids? Are you familiar with the term “babysitter”? Showing a house is challenging enough without the distraction of little darlings opening drawers, pulling at their parents and messing with coasters.

  • I just don’t think it’s necessary to hire a babysitter every time you go look at some listings.

    Guess that’s just me.

  • How many houses being shown are “child proof”?

    As someone who currently has a house for lease, I would like to know what people think, and what they want changed. I am happy with my realtor, but other feedback can be helpful.