St. Theresa The Little Flower To Convert to a Clutch Bar on Washington Ave.

St. Theresa The Little Flower Thrift Shop, 5334 Washington Ave, Rice Military, Houston, 77007

The business wilted several years ago, but the location of the church-run St. Theresa The Little Flower Thrift Shop at 5334 Washington Ave is getting a new tenant: a branch of Dallas’s Clutch Bar will be moving into the space. An entity associated with the thrift shop bought the property  back in 1991, and the store blossomed until the early ’10s, closing by mid-2013.

Clutch Bar’s website touts a Summer 2016 opening; as far as what will be served in the space, the site for the chain shows a large draft beer selection and mentions a weekly special on “adult milkshakes”.


Across the street next to recently DOJ-scolded Kung Fu Saloon, in the former Chopping Block Gourmet Burgers spot at the corner with Lester St., Clutch Bar’s city-slicker-Western sister chain Concrete Cowboy is now hiring servers in preparation for their own upcoming opening, according to the location’s Instagram account. (Concrete Cowboy’s Dallas location is next door to Dallas’s branch of Kung Fu Saloon as well, right next to Dallas’s Clutch Bar; in Austin, Concrete Cowboy and Kung Fu Saloon are also within a block of one another, along and just off of 6th St.)

Photo of 5334 Washington Ave: Swamplot inbox



Little Flower Going Wild

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  • Still amazes me how many of these little “concept” bars and restaurants go chain and start hopping cities.

  • Could it be injecting this much dallas/austin douchery into this strip of washington with three new apartment complexes in the late stages of construction between there and wescott will give birth to a renaissance of the late 2000’s washington bro crowd? I need to find a dragon shirt and some bedazzled bro jeans to wear if so.