Stadium-Side Apartments in EaDo a No-Go

Dallas developer Mill Creek Residential has “called off” plans to build a 5-story apartment block across Dowling St. from Dynamo Stadium in East Downtown. Set just south of the soon-to-open light rail stop at Texas Ave. and Dowling, the 315-unit complex was to have been called EaDo Station. The company recently announced a slightly smaller development near the Med Center: 265 apartments at 1755 Wyndale St. near Holcombe and South Braeswood.

Renderings of EaDo Station: Mill Creek Residential

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  • Such a (multi-) block tease.

  • Actually the low down is that EaDo will be OVER DEVELOPED!!!

  • No grocery store :(

  • Rumor has it HEB is in the talks with the owners of the KBR lot to build one out off clinton though. So it wont be that much farther out. Yes i replied to my own post

  • That rumor is a noteworthy development if it pans out. Thanks for sharing Mr. Clean.

  • the in fill would have been nice, but man were these ugly looking apartments.

  • Wouldn’t it be a pain to live next to a stadium? I mean the noise, the traffic, the drunks, and lets face it the soccer fans are not exactly the same crowd as golf fans or tennis fans.

  • NooooooooOOOOOooooOOOOooooo!!!
    This is sad news. At least for me it is. I spent this past weekend in Atlanta, GA for homecoming and it’s amazing how many new buildings & developments have sprouted over the past 7 years. I barely recognized the city and fell in love with it all over again. I currently have a love/hate relationship with Houston. I feel sorry for our city as we have to wish for building and parks and developments, like these cancelled apartments, to take root in our city. And not just in east downtown. Why is our city so slow to develop? Is it our local government? Is it a mental thing being so far south we are slow to act? Is it lack of a real transit system? (I’m pro-rail but I still think we should have looked into raised rail lines off the street) What is it? I realized the developer cancelled these but I’m speaking beyond that. Why has Houston not taken the next step in growth and still living in the past?
    “That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!” ~ Popeye

  • @EadoGuy

    Calm down. This is one project. There’s another multifamily project in EaDo that is moving forward, and quite a few in Downtown, Midtown etc.

    I also don’t understand why you would include “parks” in your list of things that are slow to develop, since right now hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on the Bayou Greenways, Hermann Park, Emancipation Park, etc.

  • EadoGuy,

    Could be that developers are devoting their resources to do all these master planned community stuff 20-40 miles away? I have seen transformation in some inner city areas though, especially midtown, but it seems like all the development occurring in the suburbs is slowing down development within the city.

  • @Texasota

    I am aware of the money on parks. Twas just a rant really. Nothing more. I know a lot of things are being done in Houston. Within and out of the loops(610 & Beltway). Just frustrating to see another city come so far in the same amount of time my city is starting to get the ball rolling.

  • EadoGuy, maybe Houston’s growth seems slower ( and I get what you’re saying) compared to other similar sized cities because Houston is almost unique in that our growth spreads out radially from the downtown core. There’s not a socially defined “good” side of town where 98% of development takes place. In Atlanta, most of the growth is north, with a little bit to the east. In Dallas, the only “right” place to live is north. LA favors it’s Westside, and most of the high dollar real estate in Chicago marches north up the Lakefront. Houston has long had a bias toward the west side of town, but the Museum district/Med Center to the south has grown, EaDo is moving ahead, and The Heights and The Woodlands are doing just fine. So instead of concentrating the development dollars in only one favored area of the city, growth here happens in all quadrants.

  • i used to live in Atlanta, and the area really has changed dramatically in the last 15 years. that said, Atlanta had a huge real estate bubble, and most of the folks that bought condos are still a long way from breaking even (and houses in many areas).

  • Mr Clean. You gotta tell us where you heard that. I know we are neighbors over there. Two weeks ago I ate at Huynh on St.Emanue. At the table next to us was the HEB guy (CEO?), from the commercials. So…maybe…

  • Totally doubt that HEB store at KBR site rumor is true. HEB isn’t really known for opening stores in early gentrifying areas of Houston. They’re the kind of chain that waits till the area becomes more established. Heck, they don’t even have a real Heights store, besides that tiny former Pantry store on 18th! So I doubt they would build off Clinton Drive, unless it was to be some kind of distribution/warehouse facility.

  • Atlanta is a mess. The skyline is bizarre, it’s hard to even delineate downtown, it’s like every developer wants a Peachtree address. You can only live one side of the city, the Northside, otherwise you’ll be shot in the street. It’s a very unsafe city, my friend was mugged in Buckhead at gunpoint by some gang banger who stole his car as well, the guy told him this was for slavery! (My friend is from…. Madrid) The city had major! issues with race, geez I just thought Dallas was bad! I spent 3 months there (on the Northside, where else) and the black on white crime was shocking, I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

  • Maybe they decided that project was a tad too ambitious for them at that spot, or that the feng shui was all wrong.

  • There are 16,000 apartments currently under construction in Houston. And more in the planning pipeline.

    The reason they aren’t being built east of downtown is quite simple: apartment renters prefer to live elsewhere.

  • Attend the Nov 8th leadership meeting to find out more about the HEB plan. Also, HEB does have a significant store in the heights right off Ella and the Bayou.

  • @Bernard – where did you get that information on the number of units under construction? I have been looking for that data for some time now.

  • @Superdave-CBRE Market Reports.

    Hover over the Q2 2013 Houston Multi-Housing Market View to see the numbers. To get the full PDF file just create an account with them.

  • Mr Clean,
    What Leadership Conference are you referring to?

  • Actually the number of units under construction is 18,672 this quarter…