Staff and Paperwork Reduction at Royce Builders and Hammersmith Financial

What’s in the Swamplot inbox? More fun news and comments about Royce Builders and mortgage-y sidekick Hammersmith Financial:

According to a source all sales was finally let go yesterday. . . . Subdivisions have been completely stone cold. In addition, Hammersmith finished up last Friday. Between both, lots of shredding going on. The remainder of Royce is in the Hammersmith offices as well. Also, many who may be interested, [Royce Chief Operating Officer James] Hunter’s last day was a week ago Friday.

For any buyers out there who feel the have been defrauded by Royce, all they need to do is contact the Consumer Fraud Division at 713-755-5836. This is the DA’s office and there is the possibility that criminal charges may be filed if Royce knowingly defrauded consumers, but they MUST make the call.

A little bit more on the shredding:


Our informant reports a paper-shredding company was on site last week — along with the moving trucks — and adds:

For the life or me I can not figure out what needed to be shredded at Hammersmith

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  • Can someone smell a small class action lawsuit?

  • If you check the Federal Privacy Act I believe you will find that anytime a company has papers that contain Social Security Numbers it will need to be shredded. I would think that a mortgage company would have this type of information.

  • I have a Royce home, and it’s pretty good – it weathered the storm well – but some in our neighborhood didn’t. Hammersmith did our mortgage, and boy did they put the hard sell on us to borrow WAY more than we should, and take a dicey “come-on” rate ARM.

    They suck.

  • I bought a house from Royce. My house did not stand up to the storm and now have problems trying to get my home fixed. I have mold growing in my infant’s room. When I first purchased my home I wanted one built and they instisted that we buy one thast already done. So that makes me think they knew since Feb. 2008 they were shuttin down shop. Besides Royce never finished the repairs i put in before I moved in and the repairs that I did get fixed were done by illegal immagrants and done rather poorly I might add. I would sell my home if i could but my subdivision was never complete. They left us high and dry.

  • by the way my husband was at Royce builder’s office when the moveing trucks were there. Not only were they using rental trucks but their own personal vehicles with a sign on the door stating that they have closed. My husband had to threaten with laywers to even get the name of out homeowner’s insurance company.

  • homebuyer in texas, i would suggest contacting your homeowners insurance company. were you expecting for your home to be “hurricane proof”? i understand your frustration, but you need to be realistic.

    also, what type of moving trucks did you expect to see? it seems to me that most people who move do so using rental trucks or a moving company. i can’t think of a single person or company i know that owns their own trucks for that move they will need to make in a couple of years from now.

  • I bought my home in 2006 from Royce Builders in the Humble area. The houses my my area were done so quickly that they had alot mistakes they had to go over especially mine. The houses were contructed poor quality and the AC they installed takes 5 hours to cool off in side of my home. I will never buy from them again.

  • Sean, Royce is out of business. Belly up. Dead. Finished.

    You don’t have to worry about buying from them again.

  • not only are they out of business, but the search history you see is pretty dumb and crazy. clearly, they aren’t going to build anything for you again, but if you have a problem, contact your structural warranty company. If you have an air conditioning problem, contact the company that installed the hvac system if you know who that is. if that doesn’t work…..welcome to home ownership…..

  • I didn’t know Royce was finish, well I guess that’s what happens when someone is deployed for over a year.