Stanford Lofts: Your Parking Lot Is Safe from the Dynamo

Balcony of Stanford Lofts Unit 409

A resident of the Stanford Lofts just east of Downtown writes in to make sure everyone knows, after all, that the building’s view of Minute Maid Park is not going to be obstructed by . . . a view of a new soccer stadium for the Houston Dynamo directly across the street.

No, no official deal’s been announced. But this tidbit from a Chronicle story has allowed condo owners to breathe a sigh of relief:

The Dynamo first set sights on land owned by the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority just east of Minute Maid Park and U.S. 59, but have since decided against the property, which the Astros lease for stadium parking.

“We know for a fact (the property) is no longer being considered,” said Sports Authority head Kenny Friedman, who added that the Sports Authority is not actively involved in the negotiations.

The team might be looking to purchase private land near the same general area as the county-owned property, although Luck declined to confirm or deny it, saying only that a downtown venue is still planned.

So where will the Dynamo stadium go? Keep reading below the fold:


Matt Musil of 11 News thinks he knows:

Neither side is saying exactly where the stadium would be built, but we do know it’ll be located east of Minute Maid Park.

Walking around this area, it’s easy to surmise that the land located southwest of the corner of Dowling Street and Texas Avenue would be a potential site.

Photo: View from Stanford Lofts #409, listed for sale at