Stanley Park Soil-Shufflers Tagged for Jumping the Gun After Mayor Puts Floodplain Neighborhood Construction on Hold

At last week’s city council meeting, Mayor Turner told residents that the Stanley Park subdivision now on the rise in the 100-year floodplain south of Timbergrove Manor “is currently on hold. I know Harris County Flood Control has put a hold on it. We have also put a hold on it to take a look at it.” But as of Monday morning, site work was still continuing on the 12-acre parcel — according to StopStanleyPark, an organization nearby residents set up to oppose the project — until the red tag pictured above was issued for it in the afternoon.

A pair of dump trucks, along with an excavator were the latest visitors to the job site at the end of Shirkmere Dr.:


It’s dotted with mounds of partly-piled dirt, placed there since the city okayed a commercial fill permit for the area in April:

Photos: StopStanleyPark

Splash of Color

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  • No shame – developers will keep the trucks rolling as long as they can get away it. Good luck to the Timbergrove residents!

  • Yep. The COH is covering their ass-after approving the Oaks of Inwood multi-home project on the former golf course. Another brilliant idea by developers and approved by their lemmings, our elected local officials !!!

  • Wow this is good news.
    Is there a silt fence in place? If a deluge comes the ‘soil shuffling’ will get a whole lot worse if the parcel gets washed into the bayou.

  • Now they need to go back to revoke the permits for the pine crest golf development. That project is going to flood people.

  • they put the silt fence in about 4 years ago… it is long since worthless.

  • July 4 – Since it’s raining like the dickens, I hope someone will send Swamplot drone footage of the area when the rain stops.

  • Lovett homes continued dirt work on this site for days after Mayor Turner stopped the project. Where is the accountability for these builders? Maybe it’s time Kim Ogg, Houston District Attorney, digs into how Lovett / intown homes are claiming detention that COH appears to know nothing about? On side note, Lovett donated over 20k to COH officials last year.