Starbucks Store No. 48023 Comes to Richmond Ave

The mocha-colored drive-thru Starbucks that’s been brewing at 1801 Richmond Ave. since its predecessor building was torn down in January now appears just about ready to serve. Landscape crews are plopping in plants on the Richmond Ave. side; this view taken from an upper floor of the nearby Fairmont Museum District Apartments shows how the new building looks nestled next to its notable neighbors, which include the Big Tex Storage facility and King Cole liquor store across Richmond and Mexican restaurant La Tapatia just across Woodhead:


Photos: Babak Bobby Yazdani

Montrose Drive-Thru

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  • If we could just levy a “Starbucks purchases only” tax, we’d have all the money ever needed for flood control, debris removal, and repaving streets.
    Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Big Coffee, its rivals, or suppliers. I only touch the (coffee) stuff at the office.

  • Corporate Coffee Sucks! Not my words-borrowed from Empire Cafe’s motto.

  • This of Richmond Ave is definitely up and coming! The property rented by King Cole liquor recently sold, too. Does anyone know who bought it and/or what will replace it?