Starting Over with Pinkberry’s Westheimer House of Steel

The arches are gone, and new steel is up: Reader Ken Barnes sends in this shot of the rather extensive “renovations” taking place on the former Village Kids and Janie & Jack building across the street from Central Market at 3838 Westheimer, down the street from the Highland Village Shopping Center. It’ll be the Houston area’s third Pinkberry, the first inside the Loop.

Photo: Ken Barnes

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  • Is the entire building going to be a yogurt shop or is there space for something else. Seems rather large for just a Pinkberry.

  • More like “on-site building material recycling” than “renovations”.

    Not that I’m mourning the crappy building that was there.

  • Would have been a great location for a high rise.

  • This location IS in Highland Village!

  • This location is not in Highland Village. Highland Village refers to only the properties owned by Highland Village on both sides of Westheimer. On the North side of Westheimer, HV ends at RA Sushi. Pinkberry will only be occupying a portion of the building, but had to masterlease the entire structure to get the deal. They are looking to spec lease the balance of the structure.

  • Patrick is correct. What you mean to say, InsideScoop, is that the property YOU are referring to is called “Highland Village Shopping Center”. Highland Village is all of the property that is included in the 77027 zip code, much like River Oaks or West University, Highland Village is a distinct section within Houston. You are correct in saying that it will be two tenants. I think they have one and just haven’t announced it…yet.

  • Whatever floats your boat WaltyBaby