Stepping Around a Cottage in Riverside Terrace

Fresh interior paint gives a 1930 Riverside Terrace cottage the look of buffed up, unscuffed saddle shoes all tied up and tidy for the first day of school. The up-a-knoll property, located around the corner from Riverside Park, was relisted by 2 days ago after an 18-month hiatus from the market. The initial asking price back in November 2011 was $216,500, but it had dropped to $197,500 by March 2012. The current price tag for the spiffed-up house and its less-polished garage apartment is $207,500.


Hardwood floors let it shine throughout the home; the fate of the wooden trim varies by room. Most “formal” areas stick with a satin-finish stain:

Both swinging doors feed into to the kitchen; using the one on the left first takes you through the breakfast room, its cut corners fitted with cabinets for display and storage:

Back in 2011, kitchen updates brought in Travertine flooring and a few new appliances.

A hallway (its telephone station intact) runs between the kitchen and the wing of 3 bedrooms that run front-to-back along the driveway side of the home. The front bedroom . . .

gets its own bathroom. The “stand-up shower” noted in the listing does appear to have a sit-down seat built into the tilework, however:

The middle bedroom (above) and back bedroom (below) . . .

share the full bathroom off the hallway:

The 6,994-sq.-ft. lot has a gated, partial driveway and a carport (above). For access to the back-lot garage and its 2-bedroom apartment, there’s a service alley running behind the homes sharing this block of the neighborhood, which lies east of SH 288 and south of Southmore Blvd.

The 2011 tweaks included new stairs for the apartment:

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  • I give it one day before selling.

  • That refrigeration is challenged with door opening.

  • The apartment is the kind of place to which most people would love to banish their mother-in-laws. Love the trim and floors; kitchen must be gutted immediately, and bathrooms, soon.

  • So manyof the Riverside Terrace homes have had terrible “updates” thoughout the years, therefore this one stands out as a jewel ready to be polished. The price seems too low, and it’s a nice street, so I wonder what isn’t being disclosed in pictures or the listing.

  • So crazy. I lived in this house for 2 years from 2006 – 2008. Great place. I put up that drywall in the garage apartment and painted it. I did a terrible terrible job of it. There was crumbling wood paneling before that.

  • JD – honestly it is just the neighborhood. Like you said, the street is great. The neighborhood a few blocks away is not. We heard gunshots on several occasions and stuff was robbed routinely from the bottom floor of the garage. I never saw any cracks or anything suggesting foundation issues though.

  • No way the house by itself is more than 1400sqft and the garage apt is like 600sqft so where are they getting 2300sqft??

  • I really like it, but the refrigerator is in an awkward place, but it probably had an icebox originally, so an electrical outlet wasn’t a consideration.

  • Brian D – The house is enormous. Two giant living rooms and every bedroom is large.

  • With a 2300qsft home you would expect to have no bed room smaller that 13×13 and this home has a 10×10 I would not call big

  • A 10 x 10 bedroom is large enough to contain a bed a few bedside stands and a dresser or two. Will it seem cramped? Probably. It may also seem cramped with a set of bunk beds, a single bed, 2 dressers and a small bookcase. I grew up in a 2 bedroom home, both bedrooms 10 x 10, shared a room with 2 sisters. A 10 x 10 bedroom is sufficiently large enough for anyone who uses a bedroom as a bedroom.