Still No Way To Decorate with Back Issues

STILL NO WAY TO DECORATE WITH BACK ISSUES High Gloss, Houston’s entry in the online-only-but-still-magazine-style shelter mag craze, is folding after its third issue, published just last month. Founder, editor in chief, and former Houston high-school Spanish teacher Paloma Contreras calls shutting the publication “a difficult decision” in her announcement but notes only “a few lifestyle changes” within the magazine’s production team. [La Dolce Vita]

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  • Publishing is a tough business, lots of reserve capital needs to be on hand as printing costs are huge plus getting it out there..I was fortune enough to creat Southwest Art magazine which celebrates its 40th year this year….good luck in any future ventures.

  • This publication was totally online, and one of a wave of similar publications that recently sprung up using .pdf flipbook technology – specifically a program called Issuu. There was in interesting piece on these magazines, including High Gloss in the NY TImes a couple of months ago. Here is a link to the article, for anyone interested.

  • Gary-
    LOVE Southwest Art. Have a subscription. If only I could afford to buy the art within!

  • While I think we’re moving more towards electroinc and PC/tablet based consumption of media, an online “PDF” isn’t going to replace paper magazines for some time.
    Using myself as an anecdotal example…I do everything online, refuse to ever print, really refuse to fax, get everything e-mailed to me, have fights with the city about how everything is done so paper intensive, etc. But the one magazine I do subscribe to happens to also offer a free ipad version and I still only read the paper version.
    For better or worse, paper versions of magazines will seem more “legit” to people for some time. Partially because of the capital resources required as someone else pointed out. The feeling is anyone can toss up a webpage (even if the content is the truly hard part). Plus, at least with today’s tech, paper mags are much better to hold and read. I stare at a scree enough while working. I don’t want to stare at a screen to read a book/mag