Still Working on Goodhope: The Drawn-Out End of the Extreme Makeover Is Near

Four long and hot construction days after the big made-for-teevee bus-moving ceremony, HHN Homes still needs help finishing its 4,400-sq.-ft. Extreme Makeover on Goodhope St. in South Union. What exactly is the company looking for? “Plumbers to finish trim features,” HHN’s Linda Stewart tells Swamplot. And there’s still that ongoing, restrained request for some patio furniture. When will the Johnson family get to move in? They’ve been “in and out” of the house over the past few days, Stewart says. HHN Homes hopes to have all of its work complete by Friday evening.


Construction photos (from Monday): Candace Garcia

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  • Who wants to sit out on the patio in this heat anyway? Oh, TV, I get it.

  • No offense to the Johnsons, I’m sure they’re lovely people and very deserving of this, but they are not going to have to pay a light bill for a year so I suspect they can afford to buy their own patio furniture.

    Anything else HHN and the producers of “Home Sweet Free Home You Can’t Afford” want us to donate? Linens, china, maybe a sterling silver tea service?

  • I am sure they are great people. Who is going to pay the property taxes? I predict it won’t be long before this is sold, and if it does not conform with the neighborhood they will not get a good price. The whole thing sounds like a Hollywood quagmire.

  • I am happy for this family but like other commentors I fear for them- how will they handle the property taxes, maintenance, and eventually all utilities? I hope those five girls really do get to grow up in a lovely home.

  • I hope for the same, that this gives the girls a promising future in a nice home for years and years to come.

    Though I just can’t see how a family that couldn’t afford to fix up or move from a less than 800 sq. ft. home is going to be able to afford the upkeep of this huge house. I know I couldn’t afford it and I’m a middle-class professional with no children.

  • I’m one of the many who didn’t pay much attention to this project because it is clearly entertainment and not philanthropy, but after reading so much about how it was dragging out, I finally looked a bit more closely.

    The nonprofit this couple runs seems VERY sketchy. They’ve been on file with the IRS since 2007, yet do not have any IRS filings that I can find through any of the usual online sources. The website does not contain any information about governance (like a list of board members), many of the links are dead, and the details on programs are bare bones. The Paypal donation form works, however, and donors of at least $5 are promised a “finance packet full of money secrets” in exchange for their gift.

    I think Houston would be better served getting more involved with Habitat for Humanity builds than this crazy tv show.

  • I second that.