Stolen from a Closely Guarded Garden

STOLEN FROM A CLOSELY GUARDED GARDEN Yes, those bees were under camera surveillance; don’t even think they aren’t watching the radishes too. A beehive on the small garden campus adjacent to Haven Restaurant on Algerian Way near the corner of Kirby and the 59 feeder was stolen in the early morning hours Saturday, by someone driving a dark truck with a camper — reports chef Randy Evans after reviewing security footage. Film at 11 5, promises KTRK reporter Miya Shay. [Twitter] Photo: Miya Shay

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  • Why would someone steal a bee hive? Honestly, these thieves have truly jumped the shark….

  • Wow, that really stings.

  • This could be a “direct action” by the Animal Liberation Front. Now the bees can live in a natural state, free of their human oppressor.

  • It’s worth as much as $250. to a beekeeper. Nighttime is the right time to move a hive, fyi.

  • I say look for a woman with a bee in her bonnet.

  • Or look for a woman with a beehive hairdo.

  • Seriously Chef Randy: this is the inner
    city and everything must be chained/locked/bolted down . . . . bee hive
    worth a lot, and today there are no honey
    bees on my orange and meyer lemon trees . .
    a coincidence? I think not. Those bees
    and their queen are in Mexico by now.

  • Is that radish on your breath? Hmmmm…

  • Now ya’ll just bee have.

  • I have a whole HUGE hive living in the walls of my house, you are welcome to come and get them! Seriously, it is like half of the outside back wall of my house in the back yard. So many fly into the house and die everyday. They are yours if you want to come and get them, I am sure there is a ton of honeycomb in the walls also.

  • Andrea,

    Some beekeepers are happy to collect a hive in a house; I’ve helped to do so many times! A bit of siding will have to come off your house, of course, and then be fixed up.

    There’re 2 jobs here:
    Open the wall, find the queen and take that comb and bees and put them in a hive box. Give the hive an hour or so to follow the queen into the box, close em up and go.

    Then, cleaning out the stud-spaces and sealing up the hole/s the bees used is important. Or more bees will smell “hive” and reside in your walls all over again.

    Where in Houston do you live? I could come look at the situation this weekend.

  • Hey movocelot,

    email me

    I would be elated for you to come take a look.