Streamline Appeal: Knapp Chevrolet Is Not Going Away

It looked like the end of the line for the Chevy dealership in the streamline building at the corner of Houston and Washington Ave just west of Downtown: GM notified Knapp Chevrolet last May that it would not be renewing its franchise agreement with the 62-year-old Houston company. But a law passed by congress and signed by President Obama in December set up a neutral arbitration process for jilted dealerships, and late last month Knapp learned that its appeal had been successful. Unable to obtain new cars from GM for about a year, Knapp has survived by buying inventory from other local Chevrolet dealers. Expect to see a few more cars on the lot soon, now that Knapp has been reinstated.

Photo: Chris Adams

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  • I’m glad to see Knapp managed to win this. However, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever buy a Government Motors vehicle.

  • Good for them. CK, you’re an idiot. Sorry, It’s an “off filter” day.

  • Emme nothing like illustrating for us all the shallow gene pool you were blessed with. Go shill for some union thugs. I hear the SEIU is looking for naive sheeple just like you.

  • I used to work for a company on Franklin back in the day and this is where I’d take my mile long Kingswood Estate Wagon for repairs. Nice folks there. Glad they’re hanging on although I now drive another domestic brand.

  • CK has been brain damaged from far too much teabagging. Pardon him.

  • I’ve known The Widow Knapp since I was 5. She’s a lovely throwback to a different time. The kind of southern lady we all wish our grandmas had been.

    So huzzah, Mrs. Knapp. I don’t know if you were right or wrong. And I don’t care.

    But you won, and I’m proud of you.

  • Glad to hear this. I take my car there for service and they have always done a great job with the service dept and have been very honest when stating that I don’t need to have something done. Now if they can just come down on their new/used car prices. . . .

  • I’m with you CK. I don’t care who owns them. Why would I want to make my life miserable by owning a GM vehicle? Seriously, do they make anything that anyone really wants or are all their customers settling for what they can have? I guess if used a truck in my business I’d think about it but otherwise why do people buy things from GM?

  • We try to avoid talking politics here on Swamplot. However, Emme and Tex in their socially inept way, manage to act like typical clueless leftists and throw insults around at anyone that doesn’t buy into their naive, misguided leftist mantra. The vast majority of the GM dealership closings were purely political due to the union’s insistence. Since there was generally no legitimate basis warranting the closing of Knapp, they ended up winning in court. Here is an example of the type of stellar individual the Obama administration relied upon in the course of their takeover of now Government Motors:

  • CK- You write: “we try to avoid talking politics here on Swamplot”, I believe you started things.

    Go back, read the first comment, then go look in the mirror. Idiot, indeed.

  • CK, for claiming that “we try to avoid talking politics here,” it’s worth pointing out that your very first post on this thread condemned GM as “Government Motors.” Your second post used the phrases “union thugs” and “sheeple,” and your third referred to “typical clueless leftists” and “naive, misguided leftist mantra.”

    When EMME called you an idiot, that was no political statement – your post was obnoxious, and you were called on it.

    The only person here injecting politics into the conversation is you. Shallow, catch-phrase politics, no less. This is an article about GOOD news – a local business, one many of us know, will be staying open against the odds. Best of luck to you, Mrs. Knapp!