Streamlining Downtown Parking Signs

STREAMLINING DOWNTOWN PARKING SIGNS Downtown District rep Angie Bertinot tells abc13 that the organization counted more than 100 “different unique” parking signs mucking things up for drivers hoping to avoid getting towed or ticketed — and in response city council decided yesterday to get rid of as many as 6,000 of them and replace them with a single, easier-to-read, simpler-to-understand version that Mayor Parker says might eventually be the standard all over Houston. (The redundant triptych shown here on Travis St. near Leeland would be one the city would likely address.) The switcheroo is reported to cost about $1.3 million during the next year. KUHF also reports that the old signs will be used for an art project. [abc13; KUHF] Photo of signs on Travis St.: Allyn West

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  • In front of the ups store on mckinney is the most confusing and poorly thought parking laws. there are parking meters but it also says commercial only and then no parking 4-6pm. meantime ups, fed ex, usps, and food delivery trucks coming and going all day, stopping for say 5 minutes, but it is illegal. This is why nothing works downtown, it is just plain stupid for this to be no parking in front iof dominos, Jason deli, and UPS. WTF city of Houston.

  • New York did a total redesign of signage and it has been a fantastic success. Hopefully Houston will take some lessons from them.

  • Reason #2,518 why I don’t go Downtown. Not that I can’t read the signs, but why even exert an extra ounce of effort when you don’t have to and when I feel more welcomed by businesses with ample and easy parking elsewhere?

  • I was ticketed a while back because there were two signs for the same location. I took the one in front of my car as the active one, the parking cops took the one down the street and ticketed me. I took photos to fight it, but then when I found out the trouble to do so, i just paid it.

  • @commonsense

    because life is boring when you don’t exert any effort and are scared to get out of your comfort zone

  • Ummm. Hey there CoH, how about we let people learn to read and spend that $1.3 million fixing the roads… Driven down Richmond, West Alabama lately? I almost fell to China the other day, and I drive a full size truck.

    I feel sorry for all those luxury sedan suburbanites driving back and forth to work. Don’t get me started on $750,000 wasted on those e-bikes. Get your act together City Hall and Mayors Office!

  • Rex, all you have to do to fight a parking ticket is go to 1400 Lubbock in the basement. You would likely wait between 10 minutes and an hour…but no more than that. It’s well worth not having to pay any truly unjustified parking fines for a lot of people.

    kineticd, I don’t even ride those bikes downtown, but that program only “costed” you and I about $0.35 if your numbers are correct. I’m totally with you on the poor road conditions all over town, but the new bike program isn’t exactly “don’t get me started on that” material to me.