Street Pooping, Wiping, and Photographing Is Back in the Woodland Heights

STREET POOPING, WIPING, AND PHOTOGRAPHING IS BACK IN THE WOODLAND HEIGHTS Man Pooping on Sidewalk, 500 Block of Byrne St., Woodland HeightsAccording to a Houston Chronicle report, a resident of Byrne St. reported to police earlier today an encounter with yet another act of public pooping in the 77009. And it appears to be the work of a familiar figure from that neighborhood: that of the defecating, toilet-paper-toting man commonly referred to as the, uh, “serial pooper” of Woodland Heights. Back in May, a surveillance camera posted in a tree had caught images (above right) of the sidewalk hijinx of a man who, residents say, had repeatedly been defecating in and around the yards and driveways of the 500 block of Byrne St. A 56-year-old man had confessed to the defecatory acts after he was later picked up on a related charge of public urination near the Fiesta Mart at Quitman and Fulton  — but was not charged with a crime at the time, because “the man had serious mental health issues,” Heather Alexander reports. There’s apparently a photo of the man’s most recent exploits as well; Harris County precinct 1 spokesperson J.C. Mosier tells Alexander “there’s a very good chance it is the same guy,” but is waiting to receive a copy of the photo before confirming. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Click2Houston  

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  • Ugh….”Woodland Heights.” When one of the neighboring areas finally gets called the “Lower Heights,” the Heights-naming fever might end.

  • Mental illness = not charged with a crime?

  • Superdave,
    Uhhhhhh…….. um yeh sure man. Whatever you say.

  • Assume “mental health issues” means he can’t tell right from wrong – – but why should the neighbors be subject to his deviant behavior? Somewhat funny at first, but this is really disgusting.

  • I really hope this guy eventually gets his sh;t together.

  • This what people in neighborhoods like Montrose and The Heights have to deal with daily. It’s absurd that these mentally ill people get a get out of jail card for whatever they do just because they’re nuts. So they shit on your lawn, threatened your kids, stole from you, etc–it doesn’t matter, three days later they’re back, like the proverbial bad penny. They can absolutely ruin your life.

  • Maybe Porker could have these guys go around filling potholes.

  • “This what people in neighborhoods like Montrose and The Heights have to deal with daily basis.’

    Really, Shannon, we’re at Threat Level Brown ? Crazies are shitting in our lawns on a daily basis ?

    And to think, all this time I thought the little presents nestled in my St. Augustine was merely the work of inconsiderate neighbors and their pets. Guess I need to run over to Frys and pick me up a six camera, 1Tb closed circuit system to catch these Crazy Cereal/Serial Poopers.

  • @Superdave …sarcasm? I’ll concede Jefferson/Washington Heights and whatever developers are trying to throw out these, but Woodland Heights is not one of them.

  • It’s the bowels of the Heights.

  • Superdave, take it up with the developer. The Woodland Heights celebrated its 100th birthday seven years ago, so I suggest using a ouija board.

  • Someone else has a picture of what seems to be the same guy stealing packages of porches in Woodland Heights too. This guy is quite the nuisance.

  • Shouldnt it be up to a judge and/or jury to decide whether the guy is mental? lazy cops and/or lazy assistant DA. I would be pissed if I was in that neighborhood.