Strip Center Lockout: Terlingua Border Cafe on Studewood Still Closed

Counting from the date on the notice taped to the front door, it’s only been a little more than 2 weeks since Terlingua Border Cafe got locked out of its space at the southern end of that super-festive Shops at Memorial Heights strip center at 920 Studewood. But already people have begun to notice the restaurant’s absence. A couple of Swamplot readers sent in these pics of the Border Cafe ghost town. A snapshot of that friendly little letter from the landlord, after the jump:


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • as a homeowner in the townhome community directly behind this strip mall, i’m totally happy that place is gone.

    gone are the days of their employees washing their cars and listening to loud music in back. gone are the days of the wait staff hanging out back yelling and screaming and working on their cars. gone are the days of their manager refusing to take my phone calls.

    so long terlingua, you won’t be missed.

  • also gone are the days of Margarita Mondays. for which subpar texmex and god knows what else were concealed with everclear and sweet/sour mix

  • I went about a month ago and the food was terrible (I never thought it had been before). With a mostly empty dining room, I put the place on my deathwatch then. Wonder if the West U location is still open?

  • considering how bad the food is there, i am shocked it stayed open as long as it did. maybe something good will go in there now.

  • Something must have happened with management because the West U location, when it first opened, was just as good as Cylcone Anaya’s (which makes sense as it is owned by an Anaya), but now it is on par with Casa Ole. Long odds on that one staying open. Maybe they can shut down and Molina’s can reopen for the West U crowd. the layout inside is actually quite nice and most of the other businesses in that strip center are closed by happy hour/dinner, so parking wouldn’t be an issue. Mr. Molina, if you are listening, the 77005 is waiting…

  • My opinion – this is one of those doomed locations. There have been a few places there since the strip opened, and they never do last. DOOMED, I say!

  • Uesd to go here all the time after work, sit in the bar area for drinks and food. Employees were nice, margaritas were big and good, food delicious, then one day it all changed. Margaritas were much smaller but same price, food did not taste the same and the new bartender was a unfriendly as hell. Never went back. Good riddance.

  • I live nearby and the food and service were not that impressive. Not sure if its the location, but there are several people who live within walking distance of it. If it was a nice little corner bar that served decent pub food it may do well.

  • I’m with Ryan – let’s get Molina’s into their now closed West U location!