Studemont Kroger Matches Walmart’s Opening Date

STUDEMONT KROGER MATCHES WALMART’S OPENING DATE October 26th is gonna be a busy day for the once-industrial zone south of I-10 just west of Downtown. Sure, it’s Halloween candy-hoarding time. And you’ll have 2 large new venues for it. It’ll be opening day not only for the Walmart SuperCenter at 111 Yale St., but for the new 79,000-sq.-ft. Kroger less than a mile away at 1440 Studemont. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of Kroger under construction: Swamplot inbox

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  • I’ll be driving out of my way to go to HEB, in protest. Walmart, yeck no matter where they are. And Kroger for trying to hog all the grocery dollars. They’d still have good business if there was an HEB here and yet they oversaturate the market for us, likely at their own expense.

  • I’ll be hangin’ at the new Kroger. Since it is very close to the Washington corridor apartments, it should be loaded with hot young things. And, since the grumpy Heights crowd (see above) won’t set foot in it, the hot chick ratio should be even higher.

  • So this should ratchet it up for the ol’ Yale St Bridge–
    anybody taking bets on when it’s going to buckle into the bayou?

  • With the frequency in which the overweight HPD load enforcement trucks cross the Yale St. Bridge in pursuit of tickets – I would say the bridge should crumble any minute!

  • LOL I’m with Dave on this one

  • Dave,
    Excellent point, however those ladies in yoga pants would look just as good if that Kroger were an HEB, and you could save a few bucks on beer and steaks. jus’sayin.

  • No offense, but too bad for HEB that they didn’t open a store there. I’m a huge HEB homer and hate the fact that there isn’t a good one anywhere around my house, but I’m also a retail guy and respect the fact that Kroger is controlling their market share of that area. The best defense is a good offense. It’s business, not happy campfire singalong time.

  • And you wonder why it’s already been named “Broger.”

  • I’ll see you at WholeFoods.

  • Whole foods is for the neurotic set who enjoy over paying grossly and like tofurkey — no thanks. Montrose HEB and River Oaks Krogers are both good spots for single men though as I’m sure the Studemont Krogers will be too soon enough.

  • I like Whole Foods because the meat doesn’t go off in the refrigerator the day after you buy it. Throwing away food is way more expensive.

    Whole Foods is sporting a banner mentioning low prices and selection this morning. I guess they’re getting ready. :)

  • nobody calls it broger… it is Party Kroger and everyone knows it.


    River Oak Kroger, reminds me of standing in line in the parking lot after Hurricane Ike, waiting for the ice delivery while listening to RO dude complaining how he lost 5 million dolares in his retirement fund the day before.

    I turned to him and said “welcome to my world dude.”

  • True story: River Oaks Kroger, buying a 12 pack of Heineken, the self checkout was offline. Standing in line, with a 40 something woman (realtor-esque) behind me. Out of the blue she asks to see my hands, befuddled I sit the 12 pack down and show her my hands and she smiles and nods approval. Utterly confused after 30 seconds or so I finally worked up the nerve to ask so what criteria were you looking for in my hands? She replies making sure you didn’t have a ring. Yeouch, cougar-ville…

  • @cm: Sweeping generalizations (especially based on the grocery stores that people shop at) are for those with very limited abilities to understand the world. All types shop at all stores. I not only shop at Whole Foods but HEB & Kroger as well. Shop at whatever store(s) work for you but keep your day job and leave the analysis to others.

  • cm,
    You had to work up the nerve to ask her that? I wouldn’t have shown anybody my hands if they asked me too without asking why and then I’m quite sure, upon hearing their goofy answer, I would have told them to f___ off. People need to learn to keep to themselves. I’m tired of all the strangers that keep talking to me as if we are good friends.

  • I’m generally a friendly affable bloke, had she looked like a bar hag it might have been a different story. Generally when someone acts friendly I tend to reciprocate that. Demographics and statistical analysis is my job, I call it like I see it whether you like it or not and I just like you am entitled to have an opinion or two.

  • Party Kroger, here I come!