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  • That diving board is a relic of a less litigious time in our history.

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  • Against all odds, an Old Man finds a way to use an internet picture to complain about a completely unrelated, nostalgia-driven beef with “today’s society”.

  • No big deal. Users must attend a Diving Board workshop, and get 8/10 on the quiz. Also, watch video ‘Springboard of Death’. (All teaching materials vetted by the legal department). Users sign waivers in presence of a notary. Hire a bonded, insured, certified diving board monitor. Stop the party halfway and administer a refresher quiz. Eject those getting less than 8/10. But above all, have fun!!!

  • When I was a kid we invented a game played by a pool using a diving board, trampoline and Jarts. Those were the days….

  • haha
    cracking up
    My friends & I had a game using Jarts, tequila shots and jumping off the roof.

  • yiffy: If you don’t see his point and think his comment is comparable to an old man man yelling at the clouds, then you must be too young to remember when “I’m going to sue you!” wasn’t said ever 10 minutes, or have your head in the sand.