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  • Fighting decoys, bullwhips, and more samurai swords than even an 18th century Japanese shogun would own.

    It’s Sugarland. I suppose the only thing the homeowners association would object to is the rubber mat on the floor.

  • “I’m tired of balancing checkbooks! I’m a gonna turn on Bridge Over The River Kwai and lay waste.”

  • What’s that blue thing…..doing here?

  • Robert- Sugar Land…two words. Do you really think HOAs can tell residents what they can have in their own homes? SMH

    More Sugar Land envy…LOL

  • OhBrother, I know. By any name, would Sugaryville it taste so sweet? Lookup “sarcasm” when you have a chance.

    No envy here. I’m a Cinco Ranch kind of guy myself. Less dense. More beautiful, well-planned communities. And far fewer separatist fighters with a penchant for pretending they’re Indiana Jones behind their Hunter Douglas window treatments.