Summary Report from the Recent Urban Garden Summit

SUMMARY REPORT FROM THE RECENT URBAN GARDEN SUMMIT “There is a 2 acre plot of land beside the parking lot at the Houston Food Bank’s new headquarters on I-10 east and that organization is looking for someone to build a demonstration garden there. Meanwhile, Covenant Community Capital is assisting a group of chefs including Randy Evans from Haven who are looking for a spot for a cooperative restaurant garden. Last Organic Outpost and the Harris County AgriLife extension office are looking for ways to help both groups. One idea under consideration is to turn the Houston Food Bank lot into a composting facility — at least to get that project started. The search for a restaurant garden is focusing on vacant lots in the Fifth Ward.” [Texas Eats; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Bring on the vegetables!
    It would be awesome for Houston Food Bank to grow its own product right next door.

  • Fantastic. I have always wondered about the rail easement along the Heights hike and bike trail along 7th street. I could see a few hundred veggie containers going in on land that gets tons of sun and has excellent drainage.

  • Looking back I regret this, but…when I was a kid, we had a neighbor who grew very tasty strawberries. The poor old man was never quick enough to catch us sneaking into his garden and eating them, which we did every chance we got.

    I wonder if the thieves in the 5th Ward eat vegetables? Perhaps they will soon…