Sunday Gear: Biker Church in Manvel

The Facts reporter John Tompkins visits the 4-year-old non-denominational Biker Church in Manvel, which operates out of a strip-center wedding and event facility on Highway 6, just east of FM 1128:

Instead of shirts, ties and Sunday dresses, Biker Church members wear vests, leather pants and sport tattoos. And instead of coming to church in the family car, most participants roll into the Jordan Center, where the church services are performed, on motorcycles and line them up in front of the door.

“If you walked into our church with a suit and tie, people would look at you funny,” said the church’s pastor, David Wright.

Robert “Tree” Perot said he started attending Biker Church after a member saw him on the side of a highway praying by his motorcycle. The man handed him a necklace with a cross fashioned from nails and asked him to come to Biker Church.

Photo of Biker Church parking at Jordan Event Center, 20709 Hwy 6 in Manvel: Biker Church

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  • HAHA!

    One more thing that make this a cool place to live.

    Can we have the same thing for cars? Like a drive in movie theater that does church services?

  • Down in Angleton I sometimes pass a cowboy church on CR 288 (which, confusingly, runs parallel to and bookended by old Hwy 288 and new SH 288), and there’s always a good queue of horses parked outside.