Sunset Heights Church’s Receives Last Rites, Strip Retail To Succeed It

A pile of building parts is now all that stands in the way of the 4,500-sq.-ft. strip that Houston developer Ancorian wants to place at Yale and E. 27th, opposite the other shopping center it’s now ushering tenants into across the street. In place of the standalone Church’s Fried Chicken drive-thru — pictured above before and after its demo last week — a rendering now shows 3 newcomers lined up next to each other at 2702 Yale.

One of them carries on the site’s fast-food legacy with more of a niche focus:


At 2 blocks away from 610, the building will stand along the home stretch for drivers approaching the new 365 by Whole Foods Market — now entering its second week of duty along the westbound feeder:

Photos: Ken Barnes. Rendering and aerial: Ancorian

Chickening Out on Yale

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  • “dadburger is the burger of choice of the founders of the DadBod (TM) diet”
    Seriously though, what a peculiar name even for a typically generic rendering.
    Also, it’s hard to tell, but does the parking lot front Yale or E. 27th? I would think the latter would be preferable from a walkability standpoint.


  • another Burger restaurant?

    within a mile radius, there’s Bernie’s/Balls out. HobDoddy will be there in a year.

    I live in the area and I don’t really like a burger. Too much bread. Would prefer something like a Halal Guys/(insert Austin transplant). oh well, at least DadBurger will build out the kitchen for the next tenant.

  • Wonder if Highbrew is intended to be beer/ale or coffee/tea? Pop Cycle, popsicle, these guys are a riot.

  • We are still waiting for a Bork in the Heights. You would think with all the gentrification that we would be first on their list.