Surfside Residents: Find Your Home Online!

Homes in Surfside Beach after Hurricane Ike

Thanks to the efforts of a volunteer firefighter, banished Surfside Beach and Surfside Shores residents may be able to view their homes on Flickr. Former New Orleans resident Adam P. Devaney has taken more than 800 photos of surviving homes in the area, though he’s only halfway through with the uploading.

Devaney, who has taken photographs as a hobby for about 10 years, said he did not zero in on the most dramatic damage, but rather tried to document the entire landscape. He estimates he has photographed bout 95 percent of Surfside Beach since Ike’s landfall.
He will try to photograph the beachside communities of Treasure Island and San Luis Pass later this week at the request of some homeowners. He tried to enter Treasure Island on Tuesday, but was turned away by Brazoria County Sheriff’s deputies, who are keeping the area off limits, due to severe storm damage.


Photo of homes on Surfside Beach: Adam P. Devaney