Swamplot Astrodome Photographer Comes Clean, Picks Up Web Award

Congratulations to tipster Russell Hancock, who won for Swamplot and himself the Photo of the Year award in the Houston Press‘s second annual Houston Web Awards, announced today. Hancock’s mini photo essay about wandering off-course at this year’s Rodeo into a forlorn and mussed-up Astrodome focused attention on the empty sports venue’s state of neglect. Writes the Press‘s Craig Hlavaty: “The resulting photos revealed moldy and torn Astroturf and a litter-strewn building that looked more like a storage facility than the Eighth Wonder of the World. The covert pics also set off a media frenzy, leading first to KHOU’s sanctioned peek at the stadium and, ultimately, a 20-strong public tour for local reporters and talking heads.” Back in March, when Swamplot ran the story, Hancock didn’t want us to use his name, but he tells Swamplot he’s got no problem identifying himself as the photographer now. For taking those photos, sending them to Swamplot, and sparking an important public conversation about Houston’s best-known piece of real estate, he certainly deserves an award.

Photo: Russell Hancock

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  • Way to go DAD!!!

  • Finally an award given to a person with a worthy endeavor.It must have taken some guts to walk in – it s a shame that local reporters have to stand by when the real scoopers on the streets are renegades that give the real inside story.My hat is off to you Russell Hancock & swamplot for being an outlet for such reporting to occur. We need more investigators that are willing to go the extra yards it takes to score the touchdown and bring stories like this into the light.

  • Good going to Russ and Gus!

  • Great Job. I remember when the Dome was just a hole in the ground and it stayed that way for over a year. This isn’t just the Dome….It’s History…..Super Job…

  • Nicely done, gentlemen! I just hope that this poor dome can be converted to a studio…