Swamplot Price Adjuster: Hunter Green in Downtown Rosenberg

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Location: 812 2nd St., Rosenberg
Details: 3-4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths; 3,793 sq. ft. on a 33,600-sq.-ft. lot. “Second home” on property “needs work.”
Price: $279,900
History: Listed since June 24th at the current price.

Declares the reader who’s nominating this property:

This house just went up for sale in Rosenberg’s downtown. The problem I have with it is that the listing seems totally incorrect, as there’s no way this is on 33,600 sf lot. The house, built in the 1920’s, can’t possibly be almost 4k sf either. I’ve driven around, looked at the arial view on Zillow from all sides, and I can’t picture it.

Even if it is a large lot, it’s surrounded by commercial property, with some kind of electrical grid (?) right behind it and public street parking right in front. The metal roof is sliding off in chunks, and you can see that from the bridge right behind it, where everyone can see the top of the house. Why is there a bridge? Because the railroad yard is right there! The so-called 2nd house on the property is very old rental units that look so diseased that the only option would be to tear it down. There’s no garage, so at least there’s be a place for one after that’s gone.

The appeal is lacking from the front no doubt, but the inside décor has that beat. Gold and hunter green don’t usually win the interior design popularity contests these days.

What would be a better price?


When looking at it on Zillow, and just knowing the neighborhoods around, this house’s price is faaar above the norm. Considering all the work, the average cost of a house in the city limits of Rosenberg, and the odd location, I’d guess this house would go for something like $205, not $280k. Maybe it’s some kind of historical landmark?

What would you pay?

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  • Checked the house. Trulia is posting different information about the house size: 2857 sqft. HAR sells it for $275,000. Ft. Bend appraisal District has different info: ( to check go here: http://www.fbcad.org , search by acc# 7835000340080901
    Property ID:R11722 Owner name: Rambo James A & Helen M
    Land 16200.00 sqft – value $40,000, Main house $77,730 and the second house value: $2,460. So the whole property is assessed for $119,690. Main house( build in 1901) area: 2857 sqft, second house ( build in 1899!) has 936 sqft
    Now you all know what is the property value according to 2009 Appraisal District:)

  • She just adjusted the price down to 275k, though looking at those stats elnina gave it won’t do much good.
    And the incorrect square footage remains.

  • Oh, and there’s an open house if anyone’s interested!