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If you missed yesterday’s big introduction of 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth, no worries — the 2.5-acre retail development coming to Garden Oaks and Oak Forest is Swamplot’s Sponsor of the Day again today, and you’ll find all the details right here. Thanks for supporting this site!

Wasn’t somebody telling us a while back that Oak Forest lacked retail excitement? Well, take a look at what Crescere Capital Management has in store for the intersection of 34th St. and Ella Blvd., where each day close to 50,000 cars pass by, on their way to and from Garden Oaks and Oak Forest: a 29,000-sq.-ft. (or so) multi-tenant retail center on the southeast corner.

The project’s (uh, record-setting) name is 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth. The design team is being led by architects Peter Merwin and Ted Rubenstein of the Houston office of Gensler. Broker Tony Armstrong of leasing firm A. A. Armstrong will be working to fill up the new development. Crescere’s Chris Hotze is probably best known to GOOFers as the developer (and still the owner) of The Shops at Oak Forest a few blocks north at 43rd St., which is home both to Plonk! and a Starbucks drive-thru.

What kind of retail is going to go in at 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth? Hotze says his team has “reached out to the neighborhood to find out what they are looking for. There are certainly tenants looking to go into a high-caliber center, and that is the market segment that we seek to fill.” Merwin says he sees it as a “neighborhood center with hip, ‘aspirational’ retail . . . a place where parents, children, and neighbors connect with their community on a daily basis.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2017.

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