Swamplot Sponsor: 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth

Rendering of 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth, Ella Blvd. at 34th St., Oak Forest, Houston

Rendering of 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth, Ella Blvd. at 34th St., Oak Forest, Houston

It’s time to reveal a bit more info about the Oak Forest and Garden Oaks-area retail development known as 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth — Swamplot’s Sponsor of the Day today. (Thanks for sponsoring us!)

The first aerial-view renderings of the design for the multi-tenant center, above, show an additional element we haven’t seen before. It’s next to the standalone restaurant building and patio space along 34th St. (in the front of both renderings) and in front of the larger retail structure perpendicular to Ella Blvd. (in back) — both of which were featured in drawings shown the last time this development appeared as a Sponsor of the Day. These new overall views of the design for the project, by the Houston office of Gensler, reveal the surprise: Down in front, directly on the corner of Ella and 34th St., it looks like some prime parking spots are reserved for . . . food trucks!?

What!? No drive-thru bank?

Nope: Food trucks, right down there on the corner all those Garden Oaks and Oak Forest residents will be passing daily on their drive home. (Workers in the North Loop medical and office buildings should provide a good chunk of the midday traffic.) Broker Tony Armstrong, who’s leasing retail space in the property, says he’s “extremely excited to work on a development of this caliber in an area that is undergoing some really cool change. . . . I rarely see such high demand for a project this early in the marketing phase.”

Not counting the mobile food units, a total of 18,500 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space is planned for 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth. It’s a project of Crescere Capital Management. There are still more details and images of the center to show; look for them in future 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth Sponsor of the Day posts on Swamplot.

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