Swamplot Sponsor: Dawn in Damnation

Today’s sponsor of the day is Dawn in Damnation, a new paranormal Western novel by Clark Casey. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

Tonight is Halloween! And today is the official publication date for Dawn in Damnation.

Dawn in Damnation features affordable and creative living spaces . . . in the town of Damnation, on the south side of the afterlife just short of hell. The newly gentrified neighborhood is popular with gun-slinging outlaws from the Old West, as well as werewolves and a lone vampire.

Need a better sense of Damnation? Think True Blood meets a shabby-chic Deadwood. Here’s a recent review of the book from the Vampires.com website. In Damnation, the local rooming house offers amenities such as cots and the smell of decay, while the saloon functions as a flexible workspace. The best part about Damnation is . . . it hardly every rains.

Dawn in Damnation is available today. In paperback and as a Kindle download.

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