Swamplot Sponsor: EZneeds

In today’s sponsor post we introduce EZneeds, a new Houston-based company that delivers grocery, household, and office essentials directly to your door. Thanks to EZneeds for supporting Swamplot!

EZneeds was founded on the mission to be your one-stop online shop — making life easier by delivering everyday needs (groceries, household items, office supplies) directly to your doorstep at low prices and with fast shipping. EZneeds wants to make shopping for your everyday essentials easy and convenient — without any extra fees! That means no membership fees, no service fees, and no tips.

EZneeds offers both bulk and single items:

  • Free 1-3 day shipping nationwide on orders over $50
  • For every case of water purchased from EZneeds.com, the company will donate $1 to the EZneeds Campaign for Water (please visit the website for details)

Check out EZneeds.com to see what the company has to offer. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. EZneeds was founded in Houston and is based in Houston.

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