Swamplot Sponsor: Harvest Moon Renewable Energy Company

Harvest Moon Renewable Energy Company Solar Farm, FM 3013, Sealy, Texas

Today Swamplot is sponsored by Harvest Moon Renewable Energy Company, offering farm-to-market solar power for the Houston area. Thanks for supporting this website!

Do you know where your electrical power comes from? Here’s one place some of it could: Harvest Moon Renewable Energy Company’s new family-owned-and-operated 12-acre solar farm on FM 3013 in Sealy, 50 miles west of Houston — where 15,000 thin-film solar panels were installed just last year.

Harvest Moon is offering the power produced on the 1.5 MW farm to business and residential customers in CenterPoint Energy’s distribution area. It works much the way a solar-panel installation on your own building might — but without the upfront costs or cancellation fees. As with most solar installations, the panels won’t be able to meet all your power needs (there’s that whole nighttime thing when the sun isn’t available, for example). So Harvest Moon has teamed up with MP2 Energy to offer the power as part of retail plans that combine the locally produced solar energy with market-rate energy from the grid, offered at cost. Two different plans are available.

If you’d like to learn more about Harvest Moon’s Sealy facility, or its retail plans, check out the Harvest Moon Renewable Energy Company website. By signing up, you can help support the development of more solar farms in the local community. If you’re even more interested in what this company has been able to achieve so far, or just want to see for yourself how the panels track the sun all day, contact the company to find out how to visit.

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