Swamplot Sponsor: Houston Heights Beverage Coalition

Signs in Support of Proposition 1

Map Showing Dry Area of Houston HeightsSwamplot’s sponsor today is the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition, a political action committee supporting the passage of the November 8th ballot proposition to legalize the sale of beer and wine for off-premise consumption in the Heights.

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The Houston Heights Beverage Coalition encourages Heights residents to vote “For” the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition. Election day is November 8th. Today and tomorrow are your last chances to vote early.

Got questions about the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition? On the Houston Heights Beverage Coalition website, you’ll find an FAQ that includes the coalition’s answers to such questions as Is H-E-B really behind this effort? and Will there be a rush for convenience stores coming to the Heights? Will this affect the character of the Heights?

This past summer, more than 1,750 registered voters within the boundaries of the former City of Houston Heights signed a petition calling for the election. Officials verified there were more than the 1,511 signatures needed to call an election, so the Houston City Council placed the item on the November ballot. If you live in the area shown on the map above, this proposition will appear on your ballot.

Here’s a special notice for straight-ticket voters: If you vote Straight Party Ticket, you will not have voted on the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition (or any other propositions that appear on your ballot). So be sure to finish the ballot by finding the Heights Beer-Wine Proposition and voting on it separately.

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