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Sponsoring Swamplot today: Just Buyers Houston, the Houston real estate firm that represents buyers only. Thanks for the support!

Just Buyers Houston’s Judy Thompson has been tracking gentrification: “I have always been sensitive to the neighborhood gentrification issue and would prefer that the original housing stock of neighborhoods be renovated rather than demolished and replaced by new construction,” she writes. “But gentrification seems to be an economic fact of life in Houston. I keep my eye on it and have created the chart shown here so you can too.”

The Just Buyers Houston gentrification page ranks 22 popular local Zip Codes by a statistic Thompson presents as a proxy for gentrification: the percentage of sales in a neighborhood in which the sold home is older than the average home in that neighborhood.

Do these numbers surprise you? Or confirm your sense of these local markets?

You’ll find plenty other perusable stats for these neighborhoods on the Just Buyers Houston website. If you’re looking for an experienced, data-minded agent to guide you through the buying process, give Judy Thompson a call.

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