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Today’s sponsor on Swamplot is Just Buyers Houston, a real estate brokerage that — you guessed it! — represents buyers only. Thanks for supporting this site!

Just Buyers Houston’s Judy Thompson writes: “I am a very analytical person (my husband says I should have been an investment banker, but in investment banking you don’t get the thrill of helping an accomplished professional person or couple find their first house). Helping people buy homes is a great source of satisfaction and I enjoy it a lot. I meet interesting people from all over the world and have pretty intense 6-week adventures in home buying with them. (If we’re lucky it’s all over in 6 weeks. Sometimes it’s not because there is such a shortage of things to buy.)”

The other day Judy was out on a walk admiring the brick bungalows in Winlow Place. Curious about how much they were selling for, she did a price analysis of bungalow sales in 3 Montrose Zip Codes and published it on her website. Here are the numbers: On average, they sell for about $345 per square foot, in 30 days, and were built in 1930. How many will be left in 10 years? You can find her analysis of 1-story Montrose-area brick bungalows here.

Offbeat analyses like these for buyers are a specialty at Just Buyers Houston — she does a lot of them. When the local real estate market was slow after the 2008 near-collapse of financial markets, she created an analysis identifying what percentage of sellers described themselves as “motivated” in their MLS listings. “That was fun for a while,” Judy says. “But then the market took off again and I stopped.”

If there’s a customized analysis you’d like to see, let Judy Thompson know. She’ll work on it.

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