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Loam Agronomics CSA

Loam Agronomics CSA

Swamplot is sponsored today by Loam Agronomics, proud purveyors of a new CSA program for Houston. Thanks for the support!

The veggies are more than sprouting: In less than 2 weeks, Loam Agronomics will start distributing its first weekly deliveries of fresh, locally grown vegetables. Orders have already begun! If you’ve been looking for a way to get a regularsupply of fresh-from-the-local-farm produce for your household, or if you like the idea of eating food that hasn’t been shipped thousands of miles, but is picked at peak ripeness nearby and available to you in 48 hours or less, then this program is for you. The first deliveries for Loam Agronomics’ brand-new CSA program beginMarch 23rd.

The crops (pictured above) are grown on a 40-acre portion of the company’s new 288-acre farm in Richmond (pictured at top). When you become a member of the Loam Agronomics CSA, you’re purchasing a weekly “share” of vegetablesfrom the company and supporting the production of local food in your community. (CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.)

Loam Agronomics is a project of the same people behind Edible Earth Resources, the local gardening firm that’s been transforming some high-profile urban lots in Houston into attractive edible gardens.

If you’ve got questions about the CSA program or the operation and standards of the farm, take a look at the answers to the FAQ posted on the Loam Agronomics website.

Loam Agronomics offers:

  • Drop sites across Houston
  • Pickups on Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Signups available any time
  • Cooking and storing tips
  • Community events

. . . all for just $30 per week. You’ll want to sign up before the produce is all spoken for, though: Only 500 spots are available.

To join other families who’ve been signing up, just select a convenient drop site; fill out a member information profile; and choose a payment plan (4-, 12-, 26-, and 52-week plans are available, some with discounted rates). Do it all from this page on the Loam Agronomics website.

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