Swamplot Sponsor: Metal Wine Storage Systems from NCV

Degre12 Classic Wine Rack

Degre12 Gravity Wine RackSponsoring Swamplot today: The metal wine storage racks from the wine storage experts at Houston’s Nos Caves Vin. Thank you for the support!

If you’re looking for a way to store your wine collection that allows you to show the bottles to their best advantage, you’re going to be interested in metal wine racks. The steel racking systems from Belgium’s Degre12 come in 3 distinct lines, each of which can be integrated neatly with almost any style of decor: Classic (see photo at top), for wine rooms; Sliding (see this video) for climate-controlled wine cabinets, and Gravity (shown in the second photo), for wine cabinets, rooms, or as an add-on to either of the other systems.

Each is available in different heights and depths, and incorporates LED systems to display your wine collection in the best light. The Classic and Sliding lines have both fixed and sliding shelf options.

NCV Custom Wine Rooms is the exclusive distributor of Degre12 wine rack systems in Texas. Special pricing and support is available to professionals installing Degre12 racks for a client; though the system is available to end users to assemble and attach themselves, NCV recommends having a qualified professional design and complete the installation.

To learn more about these systems or see photos that show how well they’ve been used, please take a look at the NCV Metal Wine Racks website.

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