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Mosaic Clinic Dermatology LogoOur thanks go to Mosaic Clinic Dermatology for being our Sponsor of the Day today. Swamplot appreciates the support!

The roughest part of heavy-sweating season may be officially over for most of us in Houston, but if you’re still exhibiting the signs — and smells — of excessive perspiration, you may want to know about MiraDry. MiraDry is a lasting, FDA-approved treatment for armpit sweat and odor that’s so effective it allows you to go without deodorant. The treatment, which takes about an hour, destroys sweat and odor glands in your underarms. Because your body doesn’t produce new sweat glands, the results are permanent.

MiraDry is just one of the treatments offered at Mosaic Clinic Dermatology, a general dermatology practice with 3 Houston locations: in the Heights at 2401 Yale St. Suite 1; in the Tanglewood area at 5757 Woodway Dr. Suite 185a; and in Midtown at 902 Fairview St. Suite 1 (pictured above).

Same-day and Saturday appointments are available for a range of dermatological conditions including rashes, miles, skin cancer, and acne. To find out more about MiraDry or other available treatments, check out the Mosaic Clinic Dermatology website — or call (281) 941-5556 for immediate assistance.

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