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5559 Holly Springs Dr., Tanglewood, Houston

Today’s sponsor, Nan and Company Properties, has a big announcement to make. (Thanks for supporting Swamplot!)

After a 3-year search, Christie’s International Real Estate has selected its exclusive Houston affiliate: Nan and Company Properties!

When Sotheby’s International Realty Inc. purchased Martha Turner Properties in 2014, the acquisition left Christie’s looking for a new Houston affiliate — for the first time in almost 2 decades. As fans of the city’s business-friendly economy and distinguished art scene, Christie’s waited years to make sure its next affiliate would align perfectly with its brand.

Led by CEO and President Nancy Almodovar, Nan and Company Properties has become an industry leader in serving the luxury market as well as foreign national clientele. As an economic powerhouse, Houston has more Fortune 500 company headquarters than any other U.S. city (other than New York City, that is). A technology driven luxury market leader, Nan and Company Properties will represent the Christie’s brand in Greater Houston and Galveston, Texas.

Nan and Company Properties will be able to advertise its assortment of luxury listings on Christie’s international platform, magazine, and website, and in leading periodicals like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The brokerage will also be able to join Christie’s in conferences and training alongside the company’s 135 other global affiliates.

“Our affiliation with Christie’s will further extend our reach globally and locally to best serve the Houston market,” Almodovar says. “Words cannot accurately express how excited I am for this new venture. My team and I have worked incredibly hard to get here.”

For a quick tour of the unique Tanglewood property pictured above, watch the video above or follow the link here. More information about it is available on the property website. If you’re interested in this home, contact Nan and Company Properties at 713.714.6454 — or info@nanproperties.com.

To stay updated on the latest listings and announcements from Nan and Company, check out the company’s website — or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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