Swamplot Sponsor: NCV Custom Wine Rooms

Wine Room Installation by NCV Custom Wine Rooms

Wine Room Installation by NCV Custom Wine Rooms

Today’s Sponsor of the Day is the custom-wine-room creators at NCV Custom Wine Rooms. Thanks for supporting Swamplot, NCV!

Is there an under-used space in your home that’s maybe been aching for a transformation into something a bit more — daring? The space shown above used to be a boring paneled home office. A bit of custom installation work from NCV Custom Wine Rooms and . . . now it’s a climate-controlled wine-storage room that’s become the focal point of the home.

The room holds around 2,000 bottles; it features built-in LED lighting, a variety of racking styles fashioned from sapele, and custom metal and glass doors. NCV Custom Wine Rooms did everything you see in the photos — except pick the furniture and the chandelier.

If you’re interested in finding out what NCV Custom Wine Rooms can do for your or a client’s home, take a look at the gallery of varied sample installations shown on the Nos Caves Vin website.

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