Swamplot Sponsor: The Damnation Series

Today’s Sponsor of the Day is Dead Indian Wars, the sequel to Clark Casey’s breakout paranormal western novel Dawn in Damnation.

The up-and-coming neighborhood of Damnation, located somewhere in the afterlife just short of Hell, has been left in shambles after a werewolf attack. A growing population of recently deceased Native Americans, displaced by wars back on Earth, have been swooping up undervalued property on the plains outside of town. Business is booming downtown where a new saloon caters to crowds of dead soldiers looking for their own fixer-uppers to call home. Alas, a food shortage at local eateries and the arrival of a second vampire might be enough to burst this housing bubble once and for all.

All just in time for Halloween! Dead Indian Wars and Dawn in Damnation are both available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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