Swamplot Sponsor: Tom Rusteberg CGI

Today we welcome back Tom Rusteberg CGI as Sponsor of the Day. Thanks for supporting Swamplot, Tom!

Tom Rusteberg works with real estate professionals to create high-quality visual representations of what they’re bringing to market — before the building goes up. Tom sees each project as a motion picture: Renderings can provide an audience the equivalent of a movie poster — enough to capture attention and get people in the door. But a CG-animation video, in his view, is more like a movie trailer: It gives the audience a glimpse of the story behind a project, and attracts more of the imagination.

Tom has performed visualization work for numerous clients in and around the Houston area since 2005. You can see bits and pieces of his video work in the highlight reel above.

For more information, please visit Tom’s perpetually outdated website.

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