Swamplot Street Sleuths: Just Needed a Coat of Paint

Got a question about something going on in your neighborhood you’d like Swamplot to answer? Sorry, we can’t help you. But if you ask real nice and include a photo or 2 with your request, maybe the Swamplot Street Sleuths can! Who are they? Other readers, just like you, ready to demonstrate their mad skillz in hunting down stuff like this:

We’ve got some answers to your questions:

  • Downtown: The mystery of the missing Houston Pavilions signs (shown — or rather, not shown — above) is solved . . . in rather unexciting fashion. The development’s management office explains the lettering is being painted, and should be reinstalled in short order.
  • Bellaire: Noting that other lots just west of Bellaire High School have a similar shape and size, subprimelandguy provides a matter-of-fact explanation for the triple-deep lots on the south side of Maple St.:

    Mimosa (and the adjacent smaller lots on the south side of Maple) ends short of the Loop simply because that was the edge of the Bellaire Oaks subdivision when it was developed in the 50’s. The larger lots are in a different subdivision likely developed by a different developer, and of course at that time the Loop didn’t exist for Mimosa to extend out to.

    None of you took the bait on the reader’s second question: Should a triple-size lot always command a triple-size price?

And what about that monument to eternal redevelopment at the corner of Washington and Jackson Hill?


  • Washington Corridor: HCAD, which isn’t always so quick to update, still indicates that the unfinished and langushing townhomes at 917 and 915 Jackson Hill, 4101 Washington A and B, and 4102 Lillian A and B are owned by Project Jackson Hill 4101, Inc. One of the units in the back of the photo, facing Lillian, has been listed for sale for less than a month — for $575,000. Reader JE suggests there’s more to the story:

    Those townhomes on Washington, from what I understand, were bought back from the bank by a Doctor and plans to move his practice there. He finished out at least one home in the back where perhaps he is living with plans to later tear down and office along Washington. Or perhaps he is going to office in that townhome he finished out in back and will tear down for parking on Washington.

We’ll post more reader questions tomorrow. Send us what you’ve got before then!

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