Swamplot Street Sleuths: The Crying of Lot 59

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  • Upper Kirby: “Someone is conducting a traffic study along the Southwest Freeway at Greenbriar,” a reader reports. “Is that someone finally going to build on the vacant block between 59 and Lexington?” Someone? Anyone?

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  • It could be the prep work for the traffic kluge coming soon, when they rip up Kirby from 59 to Richmond.

  • I would put money on Karen’s comment before I would think someone is going to develop that lot right now.

  • How about another Sprawl house?

  • Had to consult the dictionary: Kluge — Something not built according a design or plan, but assembled from whatever is available to ‘make do.’

  • I thought that land belonged to Frank Lui, AKA Lovett Homes or InTown Homes. He also has a commercial development company (no idea what he calls it).

  • Love the Pynchon reference.

  • Good spot for a Trader Joe’s…

  • Should be a park, no??

  • @ Eric – Best idea EVER! After doing an internship in Ann Arbor I have wished we had Trader Joes in Texas, I LOVED that place.

  • Whole Foods will do whatever it can to keep Trader Joes out of Texas. They don’t want the competition. Central Market and some upscale HEB’s are giving Whole foods a run for their money.

  • The land was purchased by HEB from Frank Liu for employee parking, in the event they build a store on the property they’ve master leased west of Shepherd and south of Richmond (just north of this property). Now that HEB is moving ahead with their store on W. Alabama at Dunlavy, it’s questionable that they will build a store on Richmond at Shepherd.

  • I got a little misty eyed from Markd’s comment…

  • Trader Joe’s would be great. Whole Foods can try to keep them out, but Aldi and Trader Joe’s has the same parent company and Aldi’s has just hit Dallas.